Graphics and Logos


It starts with you... 

... The defining of your corporate identity. This is how your company is perceived by your public: Employees, investors, customers and vendors.

The development of a corporate identity is a time-consuming and expensive investment. And once the business cards, stationery and other collateral material has been printed and circulated, there’s a tendency to think the job is complete, the project a success.

It’s only half done.

What about in the environment, lies away from where those design decisions began? There’s that regional office, manufacturing plant, retail stores, fleet of vehicles. How do you get real value and ensure conformity to your identity investment where it counts – out in the field?


And ends with us.

With over 30 years of experience, SYMCOM becomes an integral member of your team. Our services include the planning, design, specification and execution of a sign system based upon your original identity design.

Whenever signage problems arise, SYMCOM has the resources to provide the solution. Whether an illuminated exterior or an interior sign, directional or informational display, ADA or OSHA compliant, or maybe just a decal on the entrance door, SYMCOM delivers.

In short, it’s corporate control... long distance.